The Walt Disney World Challenge

Trivia Games, Quests, and Feats of Fancy in the Most Magical Place on Earth

by William Bragg | Release Date: February 26, 2018 | Availability: Print, Kindle

Are You Up for It?

Forget the Cinnamon Challenge...the Tabasco Challenge...and especially the Tide Pod Challenge. Those things can kill you. The Walt Disney World Challenge won't kill you, and it's not one of those impossibly hard quiz books. It's for Disney fans of all ages.

To master the challenges in this book, you don't need an encyclopedia of Disney knowledge; everything you need is in Walt Disney World, waiting for you to discover it.

Each challenge has a different purpose: some will send you on a quest, some will require an activity, some will mandate an interaction.

When the parks are crowded, and the lines are so long that wait times have hit three digits, you can still get your quota of pixie dust by mustering every member of the family for an afternoon spent mastering a few of the 1000+ Disney World challenges in this unique book of active entertainment.

Table of Contents

How to Use This Book

Magic Kingdom


Main Street, U.S.A.



Liberty Square



Extra Magic


Future World East

Future World West

World Showcase

Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Boulevard

Echo Lake

Grand Avenue

Pixar Place

Animation Courtyard

Commissary Lane

Sunset Boulevard

Animal Kingdom


Discovery Island


Rafiki’s Planet Watch


DinoLand U.S.A

Pandora: The World of Avatar

Walt Disney World Special Events

Walt Disney World Resort Challenge

Walt Disney World Snack Challenge

Disney Springs Challenge

Disney Character Challenge

Quiz Answers

This book can be used in many different ways:

  • Use it as a tracker of all the different experiences at the theme parks, resorts, water parks, special events, and dining experiences at Walt Disney World that you have been completed at least once.
  • Use it as a book to challenge family and friends a trip to Disney World.
  • Use it as an informational guide to the hidden (or not-so-hidden) joys and secrets that can be found in the theme parks.
  • Use it as an idea generator for different things to do at Disney World.
  • Most importantly, use it to enhance your Disney World experience.

Each challenge is worth one point, and any challenge that has a bonus point associated with it is also worth one point (unless it offers a double bonus—then give yourself two points).

There are also quiz challenges spread throughout the four theme park sections, with answers in the back of the book.

As Walt Disney said: “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

So let’s get started!

William Bragg

William Bragg grew up exactly sixty minutes from Disneyland and began his infatuation with Disney as a toddler. He currently lives with his wife, Jennifer, and two “Disney”-raised kids, Abigail and Landon, in New Braunfels, Texas. William has served in the United States Air Force for the past twenty-four+ years.

His infatuation with Disney has served him well through the years. His loving new wife gladly ventured to Walt Disney World on their honeymoon, his first introduction to the Florida Project. Having been a West Coast Disney fan for most of his life, William was hooked on all the magic that could be found at Disney World. Throughout the past twenty years he has translated his love for Disney into a master’s thesis, Disney cruises, and multiple trips to the theme parks on both coasts. Trying to bring a bit of the Disney magic home and wanting to share it with others, William even became an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner for Mickey’s Travel agency.

William invests a great deal of his time studying Disney history, business practices, and theme park tales in books (especially books from Theme Park Press). In order to keep up on the latest Disney happenings, he follows WDW Radio, Big Fat Panda, and Tim Tracker (the latter of whom are on You Tube).

When Peter Pan already has a 60-minute wait by the time you hoof it there first thing in the morning, calm yourself with a few Peter Pan challenges.

MK235: Skip the FastPass+ line at least once and enjoy the new and improved interactive queue for Peter Pan’s Flight. Review all of the portraits to refresh your memory of the story of Peter Pan.

MK236: Shadow dancing at its best. Play with the silhouetted objects on the screen that displays the shadows of guests, and interact with the items.

MK237: Find Tinker Bell spreading her pixie dust throughout the nursery. Bonus points if you catch her in lighting up the chest.

MK238: After being doused with pixie dust, allowing your ship to fly, find the building blocks by Wendy’s bed, and decipher what they spell.

MK239: While flying over London in your pirate ship, take a look down and find the moving headlights that are mimicking cars moving through the bustling city.

Fun fact: Those headlights are really just tiny dots of black-light paint on a continuously running bike chain.

MK240: While flying over Old London, find Big Ben.

Fun fact: Disney Imagineers used forced perspective while designing the buildings and streets of London to give guests the feeling that they are flying higher than they really are.

MK241: Peter Pan’s Flight makes use of the omnimover system. Name another Magic Kingdom attraction that uses the same type system. Bonus points if you can determine the main difference between this one and the others.

MK242: Look closely and find Ariel from The Little Mermaid in the mermaid lagoon area of the attraction.

Continued in "The Walt Disney World Challenge"!

The challenges don't stop in the parks. Take the fun on the road to Disney Springs.

DS1: Check your receipt after every purchase for a coupon. You’ve completed the challenge if you get a 20% coupon for any restaurant or retail store.

DS2: Spoil yourself with a dinner and a movie at the AMC Theater. Bonus points if it’s a Disney movie.

DS3: Take to the skies on the Characters in Flight balloon and enjoy a birds-eye view of Walt Disney World. Bonus points if you do it during one of the fireworks shows and you can see the fireworks.

Fun fact: Characters in Flight is the world’s largest tethered hot air balloon.

DS4: Put on the pedometer of your choice and lace up your walking shoes. The theme parks aren’t the only place to walk a lot. Explore each of the four areas of Disney Springs.

Fun fact: There is approximately one mile of walkways.

DS5: Catch the Irish dancers at Raglan Road. Bonus points if anyone in your party joins them on stage.

DS6: Report to the BOATHOUSE marina and check out the Amphicars as they launch from shore into the lake for a twenty-minute tour. Bonus points if you take the tour yourself.

DS7: Take a tour of the BOATHOUSE’s fleet of boats on display (there are 19 in all). Bonus points if you stay and have a slice of Gibson’s S’mores Baked Alaska (it’s huge and feeds four).

DS8: Explore all 13 rooms at the World of Disney. Bonus points if you don’t leave with a suitcase full of souvenirs. Double bonus points if you do leave with a suitcase full of souvenirs.

Fun fact: The World of Disney is the largest Disney store in the world.

DS9: Catch a musical act at any of the various venues (Riverboat Square, Sunshine Highline, House of Blues, etc). Bonus points if it is a local high-school act.

DS10: Check out the Marketplace Co-op for the latest Disney merchandise. Bonus points if you get something customized (MagicBand, phone case, etc).

Continued in "The Walt Disney World Challenge"!

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