Secret Stories of Mickey Mouse

Untold Tales of Walt's Mouse

by Jim Korkis | Release Date: September 19, 2018 | Availability: Print, Kindle

Mickey Mouse! This Is Your Life...

In this one-of-a-kind "biography," Disney historian Jim Korkis chronicles the animated life of Mickey Mouse, from his birth on a train to proud parents Walt and Lillian Disney, to his upcoming 90th birthday bash. It's the full and complete story of Disney's forever-young mouse.

Most Disney fans nowadays experience Mickey as a costumed character in the theme parks. He has no TV show, no franchise of feature films. His heyday was before most of us were born. But Mickey has endured as a uniquely American symbol, and the best way to "meet" Mickey is not with an autograph book but with a fun look back at both his public and his private life.

In over 100 short chapters, Korkis covers every noteworthy event in the mouse’s life, including Mickey’s cartoon career, where he lives, whether he’s married, his suicide attempt, hidden Mickeys, the “men behind the mouse,” and much, much more.

No hype, no studio-approved narrative: it's all here, the good and the bad, the highs and the lows.


Table of Contents


How Was Mickey Mouse Created?

Foreign Names of Mickey Mouse

Mickey Cartoons: Mickey and the Oscar

Talking Mickey: Celebrities

Where Does Mickey Live?

Mickey Cartoons: Three Mickey Cartoons Disney Banned

Mickey Music: What? No Mickey Mouse?

Talking Mickey: Walt on Mickey’s Birth

Mickey Easter Eggs

Mickey Imposter: 'Air Pirates'

Mickey Cartoons: Why Isn’t It Called 'Steamboat Mickey'?

Mickey Mouse As A Derogatory Term

Mickey Imposter: Evil Mickey Attacks Japan

Little Mouse on the Prairie

The Magic of Mickey’s Circles

Husband Possessed by Mickey Mouse

Mickey Imposter: Milton Mouse

How Tall Is Mickey?

Talking Mickey: Animator Ward Kimball

Mickey Cartoons: The Horrifying Mickey Cartoon

Mickey Cartoons: Mickey’s Two Benefits for Orphans

The Charlotte Clark Mickey Mouse Doll

Mickey’s 50th Birthday

Peg Leg Pete’s Ever-Changing Peg Leg

Mickey Mouse NOT Named After Mickey Rooney

Floral Mickey

Mickey Mouse Rides Never Built

Talking Mickey: More Celebrities

First Mickey Mouse Cartoon: Plane Crazy

When Is Mickey Mouse’s Birthday?

Mickey Comics: Birth of the Mickey Mouse Comic Strip

Adolf Hitler Loved Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse Stamps

Men Behind the Mouse: Roy Williams

Mickey Cartoons: The Only Three Fab Five Cartoons

Mickey’s (W)alter Ego

Mickey Imposter: Moscow Mickey

'Mickey Mouse Theater of the Air'

'Mickey Mouse Theater of the Air Episode' Guide

Mickey Comics: The Speechless Mickey Comic Strip

Mickey Music: 'Minnie’s Yoo Hoo'

Hollywood Mickey

Mickey Saves Depression Businesses

Mickey Comics: Uncensored Mouse

Why Does Mickey’s Tail Sometimes Disappear?

Talking Mickey: Animators on Mickey Mouse

Mickey Comics: Mickey Attempts Suicide

Mickey Imposter: Mickey in Vietnam

Voting for Mickey Mouse

Where Do the Stories Come From? 'Traffic Troubles' (1931)

Are Mickey and Minnie Married?

The Mickey Mouse Club Creed

The Mouse That Ate Public Domain

Mickey Cartoons: Ten Mickey Cartoons Never Made

Talking Mickey: Walt on Mickey’s Personality

Men Behind the Mouse: Ub Iwerks

The First Mickey Mouse Ride

Keeps on Ticking

Mickey Military Insignia

Mickey Comics: DeMolay Mickey

Mickey Cartoons: 'The Plight of the Bumblebee'

Mickey’s Nephews: Morty and Ferdie

The Disney Channel's New Mickey Mouse Cartoons

Why Does Mickey Wear White Gloves and Big Shoes?

Where Do the Stories Come From? 'Mickey’s Kangaroo' (1935)

Who Does Mickey Mouse’s Voice?

Mickey’s Voice: Walt Disney

Mickey’s Voice: Jimmy MacDonald

Mickey’s Voice: Wayne Allwine

Mickey Imposter: Filthy Mickey

Talking Mickey: Walt on the Mickey Audience

Jungle Mickey

Mickey Mouse 1935

Why Did Mickey Mouse’s Eyes Change?

Where Do the Stories Come From? 'The Castaway' (1931)

Mickey’s First Books

Men Behind the Mouse: Fred Moore

Mickey Imposter: Count Cutelli

Mickey Cartoons: Hollywood Party

Minnie Moments

Talking Mickey: Walt on Mickey’s Appearance

Hidden Mickey

Hidden Mickeys You May Have Missed


Mickey Cartoons: The Talking Dog

Mickey at Sea

Mickey Cartoons: From Mouse to Duck

Mickey Mouse Ears

'Partners' Statue

Mickey’s Girlfriend: Minnie Mouse

Men Behind the Mouse: Floyd Gottfredson

Mickey Mouse Kills King Kong

Mickey Balloons

Mickey Mouse Revue

Mickey Mouse Costumed Training Instructions (1973)

Brief History of Costumed Theme Park Character

Men Behind the Mouse: Paul Castle

'Earforce One'

Mickey Imposter: Mickey at 60


Mickey on 'The Mickey Mouse Club' (1955-1958)

Mickey Cartoons: First Mickey Mouse Animated TV Commercials

Mickey Loves a Parade

Mickey Moments

Mickey Cartoons: 'Sorcerer Mickey'

A Dozen Appearances of Sorcerer Mickey

Men Behind the Mouse: Paul Murry

The Chaplin Mouse

The University of the Air (NBC Radio Broadcast Fall 1948)

I love Mickey Mouse. He is loyal, brave, compassionate, funny, optimistic, adventurous, and so much more.

I still have my well worn How to Draw Mickey Mouse booklet that I got as a kid at the Art Corner at Disneyland. I still wear my vintage Mickey Mouse wristwatch that was the only inheritance I was bequeathed by my late uncle decades ago who had worn it proudly for years. I can’t remember any time of my life where Mickey was not a part of it in some way, either through comics, cartoons, or the parks.

Mickey Mouse will celebrate his 90th birthday on November 18, 2018, and yet he remains timeless. Mickey Mouse is a unique pop-culture phenomenon embraced by audiences of all ages around the world. While he physically resembles a three-foot-tall black mouse, spiritually he is a clever and appealing young boy. He was created by Walt Disney in 1928.

Mickey’s instantaneous popularity was due to a number of factors: the artistic skill of Ub Iwerks, the storytelling ability of Walt Disney, the novelty of sound on film, and the perfect timing of appearing as a scrappy “everyman” whose indomitable spirit and good humor overcame challenges at the beginning of the Great Depression.

In addition to being a popular animated cartoon star, Mickey is a significant presence in everything from comics to video games to theme parks to toys to food items to just about anything else imaginable.

The Disney company officially described Mickey Mouse for the copyright infringement case Walt Disney Company v. Transatlantic Video Inc., U.S.D.C., Central District of Ca., Case No. CV-91-0429 (1991) in the following way:

Disney’s copyrighted character Mickey Mouse is perhaps the most universally known and loved cartoon character in the world. For generations, children and adults alike have been entertained by Mickey Mouse, who has appeared in hundreds of Disney animated motion pictures, television shows, video cassettes, comics, books, and in various other media. Indeed, the Mickey Mouse character identifies and symbolizes Disney itself.

Mickey Mouse shared the same philosophy of life as Walt Disney and transitioned at the same time from a rural background into a more sophisticated Hollywood environment. Walt was the original voice for the character and was the acknowledged “keeper of the Mouse” when it came to decisions about his creation.

Mickey is more than merely a corporate icon, more than a costumed character at theme parks, and more than just another well-known cartoon personality. He is uniquely ingrained in the DNA of several generations of fans all around the world. He transcends time and is forever young and a symbol of optimism that everything will turn out all right in the end.

In the following pages you’ll find a lighthearted but informative chronicle of Mickey Mouse including rarely told, never told, and previously mis-told stories in self-contained chapters to celebrate the Happiest Mouse on Earth.

Why? Because we like you!

Jim Korkis

Jim Korkis is an internationally acknowledged authority on Walt Disney whose hundreds of articles and presentations about all things Disney have been enjoyed by people worldwide for decades.

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