Knights of the Kingdom

Heroic Adventure in Walt Disney World

by Bill Gowsell | Release Date: December 10, 2015 | Availability: Print, Kindle

Mayhem in the Magic Kingdom

In 1938, Walt Disney smuggled Aladdin’s magic lamp out of Europe and away from the Nazis. Much later, Roy Disney buried the lamp in Walt Disney World and threw away the key to its hidden vault. Now the key has been found. Evil gathers in the Magic Kingdom. The world hangs in the balance!

An unlikely band of heroes, including an aging Imagineer, a security chief, and a Disney-obsessed teenaged boy, follow the clues left behind by Roy, in a thrilling race to find the lamp and foil the plans of the mercenaries and Neo-Nazis who have infiltrated the park.

As "knights of the kingdom", these amateur champions race from one attraction to the next, including Space Mountain, the Haunted Mansion, the Hall of Presidents, Carousel of Progress, and many others, seeking clues and staying one step ahead of their foes.

From their headquarters in the "bunkhouse", a secret apartment built by Roy in Frontierland, the knights ponder the history of the Magic Kingdom and the power of the magic lamp - until a chance discovery by their youngest member sends them to a showdown in Fantasyland, where their deadliest challenge awaits.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Young American

Chapter 2: Monorail Red

Chapter 3: Green Side Up

Chapter 4: Opening Day, October 1, 1971

Chapter 5: The Magical Express

Chapter 6: The Disney Purist

Chapter 7: Discovery Island

Chapter 8: FastPass+

Chapter 9: The Dreamer and the Achiever

Chapter 10: Hired Goon

Chapter 11: The Guardian at the Gate

Chapter 12: Pins and Propaganda

Chapter 13: The Key to the Kingdom

Chapter 14: The Future That Never Was

Chapter 15: Do Not Disturb

Chapter 16: Advice from Your Friend

Chapter 17: The Apprentice’s Secret

Chapter 18: Two Men in Suits

Chapter 19: Reinventing the World

Chapter 20: The Storyteller

Chapter 21: In the Bunkhouse

Chapter 22: The Real Opening Day

Chapter 23: Honest Abe Keeps His Secret

Chapter 24: Blue in the Face

Chapter 25: The Knights of the Kingdom

Chapter 26: The Three Knights

Chapter 27: Parallel Trains

Chapter 28: The Tropical Serenade

Chapter 29: The City of Tomorrow

Chapter 30: The Tomorrowland Transit Authority

Chapter 31: Disney Quest

Chapter 32: The Real Treasure of the Kingdom

Chapter 33: Mount Mayday

Chapter 34: At the Bottom of Sea Base Alpha

Chapter 35: It’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow

Chapter 36: The Writer’s Stop

Chapter 37: Behind the Steam

Chapter 38: Lounging on Castaway Creek

Chapter 39: Chef Mickey and the Sphinx

Chapter 40: The Sword in the Stone

Chapter 41: The Cave of Wonder

Chapter 42: Wishes Do Come True

Bill Gowsell

Bill Gowsell has been a Disney parks fanatic since his first trip to Walt Disney World when he was four years old. Though Bill dreams about traveling on a nonstop trip to all the Disney sites around the world, he also loves to study and read about history. He lives in Ontario, Canada, with his wife, daughter, son, numerous Disney collectibles, and mountains of books. This is his first novel.

The last thing you expect to run into at Port Orleans is Nazis. But with the bad guys tightening their grip on the Magic Kingdom, that's exactly what Disney Security Chief Jack Shepherd finds there.

Jack Shepherd had taken twenty minutes to get from his office in the underground tunnels of the Magic Kingdom to Port Orleans Riverside. Of course, he took the back roads, so it would always be quicker. When he arrived he headed for the check-in area where a security officer at the resort met him and briefed him on what was happening.

When Tom Hudson told him that it was interesting and gave no further details, Shepherd was hooked. Tom was a good guy, and a talent at his work, and if he was unable or unwilling to give details on the phone, than it was worth a trip.

Shepherd proceeded through the back lobby doors, and had just enough time to catch sight of a model of one of the Disney Cruise Line ships.

“This way, sir.” The two made a left at the marina and walked to the section of the hotel known as Alligator Bayou. Neither of the men talked.

Shepherd remembered staying here many years ago when the hotel was called Dixie Landings. It had the feeling of Fort Wilderness and Wilderness Lodge all rolled into one, with a Louisiana charm.

In two minutes at a brisk pace both men came to building 14 and headed up the one flight of stairs to room 205. The door was closed and the security officer opened it with his own key. Inside was Hudson, and he was sitting at a table right inside the door.

“See why I called you!” Tom said few words and Shepherd got the point.

In the room on the walls and mirrors of the bathroom were Nazi flags, pictures of Adolf Hitler, pictures of Walt Disney with a target symbol on him. Slogans with “Death to Disney, The Fourth is Rising”, as well as newspaper articles about the recent treasure hunting theme in the Magic Kingdom.

“Seal the room up and put your best person on surveillance in the next room. Bump the person up to the best suite at the best hotel. I want the room watched to see if they come back. Once you have done that, meet me at Riverside Mill.” Shepherd left saying little else

Twenty minutes later Hudson joined him at the hotel’s food court, the Riverside Mill. Jack was drinking a root beer and peering through a notebook.

Hudson sat quietly for a few minutes not wanting to disturb his boss. Both had known each other for many years prior to Disney. They knew each other well and that was the reason that Shepherd recruited Hudson out of the FBI.

“Everything is set, the family is packing. We made it like they qualified for a magical wish giveaway. They had two days left and they are staying in the Contemporary now. What do you think about that room?” Hudson waited.

Shepherd had been looking through his notebook to see if he had missed something obvious about Nazis. Clearly, this was something new.

“Tom…” Jack paused for a moment, then continued. “Something is going on here. We have a lot of reports of strange things happening in the parks, and now we see Nazi flags.”

“Yeah, I thought this was abnormal.”

“Listen, keep this quiet. Send the report to me only, and don’t talk about this with anyone. Don’t tell the front desk here what’s happened. Photograph the room yourself and then report to me. Something is up, and we need to figure it out, without the fan blogs going crazy.”

“You got it, boss.” Shepherd left Hudson with a promise to call later in the day.

Continued in "Knights of the Kingdom"!

In Roy Disney's hidden apartment, called the bunkhouse, aging Imagineer Jake Barnes reveals a few secrets of the kingdom to young apprentice Will Clark.

The bunkhouse was amazing. Will was concerned as they walked up the dusty stairway, but when Jake opened the door the apartment was magnificent. With lights everywhere, the bunkhouse looked more like a clubhouse.

Entering, Will saw the magnificent leather couch in the living room, the computer on top of what looked like an antique animators desk, and the wall of pins. One entire wall was devoted to pins. Everywhere on this wall which was covered with black felt had pins. Will was drawn to it immediately.

He saw pins that he had, and pins he recognized, and pins he never knew about. The entire history of Disney was captured there, and at the foot of the wall was a bucket filled with the black Mickey Mouse-shaped ear backs for the pins.

“Wow, Uncle Jake, these are amazing.” Will was still staring at the wall when Jake came over.

“They are, and we will discuss the pins at a later date. I need to finish the story, because we have work to do tonight. Come on into the library.”

Will followed Jake into another room that was filled with wall-to-wall books. Everywhere there were books, one entire wall was devoted to books about Disney and the parks, while the other two had some classics and nonfiction works about World War II. Looking onto them were images of a various sort. The construction of the Magic Kingdom was detailed in one painting while the Eiffel Tower stood proudly in another corner.

“I assume you have heard of this book.” Jake showed The Treasure of the Kingdom to Will.

“Yeah, after tomorrow, everyone will hear about volume 2 as well. I hope to get my copy tomorrow at the Writer’s Stop.”

“Well, William, it’s all based on truth; not one word of a lie,” Jake said as he walked back to the living room and sat down on the brown leather couch.

“What do you mean, real?”

“Ever wonder who the author was?” Jake answered back, and then it dawned on him, the author was “Mickey”, but it was really Jake. Who else would have had that much detail about the parks? The buzz on the internet was all about the creativity of the story and the details of the park. To be able to describe the smell of guests in the park for the first time, this could only have come from someone who was there, and that was Jake Barnes.

“You’re telling me that Aladdin’s treasure is really buried in the Magic Kingdom?” Will asked while staring at a giant map of the park.

“Well, it’s Aladdin’s lamp, and yes, it is buried here, in the Magic Kingdom, and you hold the key to the burial place. Problem is, I don’t know where that is. Let’s start with this letter first.” Jake brought Will over to the old animators desk and sat him down.

In front of Will was a letter written by Roy Disney to no one in particular. Will began to read.

Continued in "Knights of the Kingdom"!

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